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The Velocureans Present: The Hardest Ride In California.

This Velocurean Cycling adventure takes us to Lone Pine, CA at the base of Mt Whitney in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Here we setout to climb 3 of the 5 hardest road bike climbs in California – Onion Valley Road, Whitney Portal Road and Horseshoe Meadows Road. These amazing alpine climbs are relentlessly steep but are filled with amazing views and many self discoveries.
We also take a moment to stop at Manzanar – a “War Relocation Camp” in which Japanese American Citizens during WW2 were placed under armed guard. – A place which Dr. James Hirabayashi refers to as a “Concentration Camp.”

It’s not always about the bikeā€¦ It ‘s about the history, the culture, and the beauty in the adventure. Never stop exploring; outside is free.