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“Multimodal Cycling” – Velocurean Style

Cycling should be an adventure. It should be fun. It should be an escape. It should be awesome…

“What’s hot is picking a destination to ride to — someplace far — pedaling there, and then taking the train home.” Daniel McMahon – Business Insider (Full Article Here on

We couldn’t agree more. Among various other adventure rides, Velocurean plans this 100 mile ride from Emeryville to Davis every year. We ride over the hills of Berkeley, through suburbia, along the vineyards of the Suisun Valley and into the idyllic farming town of Winters finally ending in Davis, CA. Here we all relax together, recap the journey and enjoy burgers and beers at “Burgers and Brew.” Eventually the time comes and we have to head home. We roll just a short 2 blocks away and hop on the Amtrak which brings us back to Emeryville.

Friends, bikes and food – all of which Velocureans live for. Eat. Drink. Ride.

January 25, 2016