A Christmas Miracle

IMG_7963Suddenly life calmed down and we found ourselves back on the bike again. Perhaps, given the fact it was Christmas Eve, it was what one might call – A Christmas Miracle. After weeks of giving up the bike to be proper husbands and fathers coupled with sicknesses and seemingly endless (but much needed) rain, we were once again out on the road.

IMG_7946After a drought in the Bay Area of about two years the three weeks of hard, steady rain caused some havoc in the way of floods and landslides resulting in a variety of road closures. Our Christmas Eve route brought us to one such road closure. Half of the road on one corner of Highway 1 heading down into Muir Beach had collapsed in to the valley below. Many of the other corners had evidence of mudslides leaving rocks and rubble across the road… It was peaceful.

IMG_7954In the distance another flash storm was threatening. The sky over the Pacific Ocean was thick and grey. We could smell the rain in the fresh cold air. We ducked inside the Pelican Inn for a conversation over a pair of perfectly crafted “Black and Tans.” All the elements came together at that moment blanketing us with the feel of what it must be like to be cycling the countryside of England. Every ride is a gift and an adventure that offers more than we can comprehend. Yes, it was truly a Christmas miracle.

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December 31, 2014